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    Trifid leads you through changes in the intersection of business, technology and organization

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    Trifid is a small consulting company with great ambitions – both on behalf of ourselves and our clients.


    Trifid was established in 2016 and started up in 2017. Already, we have managed to become 20 employees, each day making the clients and each other better. Our clients use us when they need advisors with strong track records from work with modernization, digitization and transformation. While being pragmatic and adaptive to the current situation, we are also up to date with best practice and new methodology. In Trifid, we take pride in delivering high quality services and good results for our clients, our employees and for the owners. Our ambition is to become 300 employees across 5 countries, have satisfied clients that will continue to use our professional services to enable them to become better.

    Trifid knows what it takes to identify, plan and implement value-creating projects. We provide advisory and expertise in technological, business and organizational changes.

    We help clients gain value from technology projects, and to maintain the overall perspective when changing. We do this by connecting digitalization and technology with enterprise development and managing human needs for change. Our services are best performed when digitization, modernization and transformation are driven by business needs involving technology, business processes, senior management, employees and end users. We deliver in all stages of change – from analysis / idea development to implementation, and to management and continuous improvement. In Trifid we take on roles as project manager, change manager, line manager or support to management, and as advisor in the various parts of digitization and modernization. Trifid is a technology independent company. We deliver services across sectors and industries. Most often, we put together a team of advisors who can support the client throughout the value chain. The client can also benefit from our advisory from one of our four specialized expertise areas: Strategy, Project and Program Management, Architecture and Sourcing.


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